All Aboard!

The great and tyrannical all knowing Moai has made his home in L.A.. May Mayor Michael revel in his wisdom as I once did

Interactibuddies :D Michael’d never noticed the pirahna before. x3

I like the eels, myself. Shy little nubblets. 

Visited michaelsnewleaf's aquarium the other day. It made me think of the first picture I'd taken in ACNL [with moreawkwardthanpudding].

Over a year later, this is still my favorite place to be.


Finally caught this guy :D Had to go to a friend’s town for him. I swear I havent had rain after 2pm since I started playing. >_< Or if I do its short lived + seabass for days

Anonymous said: Why is your blog so inactive? ): Do you have a main blog?!

A horrible cross between being lazy about taking pictures/uploading the pictures I have and losing my SD card reader frequently. >_< That thing gets away from me a lot.

I kinda have a second blog that I intended for irl stuff and other games [tomodachi life], but it’s checked less often than this one, I’m afraid. I thought I had it linked on my page, but I guess not… I’ll be sure to add it when I feel I update that one enough to warrant attention.

Above all else, though, I guess I didn’t realize people actually like what I post? o.o Thinking about it, that’s a dumb statement given the increase in note activity lately, but I think I chalked that up to attention towards the people that reblogged me… I’m pretty bad at projecting my self doubt onto others.

This… gives me something to think about. I’ll make more of an effort to upload daily. I don’t intend for this to be anything other than a full Animal Crossing blog, but maybe I’ll toss my all-purpose blog in my description soon, once I’m certain that I won’t abandon it.

Oh my god are you kidding me I sold all my cherries in his town YESTERDAY

This is bullshit 

AHH ITS DONE &gt;W&lt;
Took much island hopping and sooo many medals, but I&#8217;ve found all wet suits for my Cabana room :D


Took much island hopping and sooo many medals, but I’ve found all wet suits for my Cabana room :D

Every goddamn time with michaelsnewleaf >:C

Lovin the bells, but this is just getting silly xD

Not sure why I assumed you couldn’t do this on the island… If you get on the smaller bits of the roof, you can run around back and fall into the ocean without a wet suit. 

Unfortunately it behaves like the houses and buildings in the town rather than the buildings on Main Street. I couldn’t see Michael up there with me; the second person just appears to be in the building :c